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The story of our Plant Nursery Giuseppe Catania dates back to the beginning of 1977, when Giuseppe Catania,a simple farmer, started producing its first ornamental plants.
L’activities began with the production and resale of plants in gems and was conducted in a land as sharecroppers extended a few thousand square meters.
The good will of the owner Giuseppe Catania and of its workers, the expansion and demand for plants, the acquisition of a serious and renowned customers, have made it possible since 1982, the’ expansion of the Company.
In the years to follow his son Stefano Catania has engaged in the production of ornamental plants, improving and increasing production by expanding the nursery and introducing it with more conviction in the market, particularly the foreign market, leading then to ‘present great profits and satisfaction.
The son Stefano is the ‘current head of the logistics.
To day the Nursery of Giuseppe Catania covers eight acres of land owned, equipped with facilities and greenhouse coverings, and is located in the hinterland of Terme Vigliatore (ME).
It is a modern company, in step with the times, able to meet its customers from the research of plants to the subsequent packaging and transport of the same.
And it is with these roots that the’ Company has developed reaching quality and a high level of professionalism, it is a generation that distinguishes us and working in the field with the Florovivaistico ‘experience passed down for two generations.

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